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We Strive to Provide a State of the Art Practice and Teatment Leading experts in the care of cardiovascular disease.
Lakeside Cardiology Clinic offers the full spectrum of nonsurgical and surgical services for people of all ages who have heart condition.
We providing individualized treatment for complex disorders.


“My first visit to Dr. Salvador Moya was in late 2011 as I had been experiencing mild chest pains and shortness of breath.  Dr. Moya ran a battery of tests over a few days and concluded that an angiogram was needed.  He arranged to have one done in Guadalajara and the result was such that I needed immediate quintuple (5) bypass surgery as I was a “ticking time bomb”.  Dr. Moya arranged to have the finest surgeon perform the surgery.  Dr. Moya interfaced with me and the surgeon, and provided all follow-up care.  I have continued to see Dr. Moya and I have just passed my 3 year check-up with excellent results. Dr. Moya is very thorough, professional and caring – day or night – even making house calls when I returned from the hospital.  I am so lucky and happy to have him as my cardiologist. He really takes his time and I have never felt as if he were just rushing through to his next patient. There would absolutely be no hesitation on my part to refer anyone seeking a Lakeside cardiologist to Dr. Salvador Moya.  I continue to be living proof of his competency.

 Dr.  Salvador Moya is a great example of a cardiac care giver that has a practice in the Lakeside area.

I have recently had open heart surgery and cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Moya and the team of specialists, in Guadalajara and Lakeside, he assembled to successfully bring me through my crisis.

Based on my experience, should you need the service of a Cardiologist, I would recommend a visit to Dr Moya for a consultation and any subsequent treatment.

John, Ajijic

I would like to thank Dr. Moya at Lakeside Cardiology Clinic in Jocotopec for his prompt and professional attention to me when I was experiencing high blood pressure.  Thanks to Dr. Moya I was quickly diagnosed with a serious cardiac problem that has been successfully treated before damage was done.  Throughout all the tests Dr. Moya and the hospital staff in Guadalajara were wonderfully caring and reassuring.  I would recommend Dr. Moya to anyone needing cardiac testing and care.  Thank you, Dr. Moya!